The Bradley Parsons Project is the outlet of Producer, Musician, and Audio Engineer Brad Parsons. His latest release “Study Playlist: The Album” is a 50 song romp through the absurdity of modern day streaming culture. It features a collection of pieces written for the album, for various clients through his studio (Train Sound Studio) and even features one unfinished song from his time in Corner Gospel Explosion. The explicit intention of the album is to be played in the background while studying or performing other menial tasks.


Bradley has been performing solo acoustic material since 2015, but has now released the first under the title "The Bradley Parsons Project". The name was coined by a mentor when he was just beginning to learn music and it always stuck. 

His solo material is much more subdued than Corner Gospel Explosion or Wilderness. The songs are stripped down to bare bones, featuring only his voice and a guitar. The simplicity makes way for thoughtful and heart tugging lyrics about life, death, love and the meaning of it all. In August of 2018 he released "Look", a 4 song EP dedicated to all four of the previously mentioned topics.