Are you a singer or podcaster, but don’t have the musical or recording knowledge to put it all together? You may need a producer. As a producer, I help facilitate your vision and make it into a reality. Here’s what I can do for your project.

  • Talk through visions, goals and concepts to ensure that we can create your perfect product.
  • Pre-production (create music demos, segment ideas, revise lyrics, lock-in concepts)
  • Production (record, edit and mix audio)
  • Post-production (review the product before it is finalized, make changes as needed)
  • Mastering


I can also use my editing skills to help you solve your audio issues. Here is a list of services that I offer.

  • Remove room reverb
  • Remove background noise
  • Increase or decrease overall volume 
  • Use EQ to remove bad frequencies 
  • Gain automation
  • File conversion
  • Remove pauses and “umms” from spoken word