Bradley Parsons is a musician, songwriter, producer and editor. He lives in Bend, Oregon, where he owns and operates Train Sound Studio full time. He loves traveling with his wife Kate, educating himself and is an avid sports fan. 


   The origins of Train Sound Studio started back in 2008 when Bradley purchased his first piece of recording software “I was mostly a drummer at the time, but I loved orchestrating and arranging music. So I got Garageband and started taking the stock loops and turning them into songs”. Over the next few years, he continued to grow as a musician and producer, often performing as a hired drummer and recording himself in his spare time. In 2011 Bradley joined “Wilderness”, an experimental, folk / rock band. He gained a deeper understanding of music theory and learned how to sing 3rd-part harmony. In 2013 Parsons began to work on original material for his own project where he would serve as the frontman and songwriter. “Corner Gospel Explosion” debuted in 2014 and still exists today as a collaboration between Bradley and his brother Tyler. The two are the only original members and in 2016, officially re-branded as a duo. The band has released two full length albums and two eps, all produced and engineered by Bradley. All of the album were Train Sound Studio productions.


   In January 2017, Bradley was approached by a close friend to score a short film. This launched what Train Sound Studio looks like today. The short film titled “GF”, was his first non-band project and featured 10 original pieces of music written and recorded specifically for the film. In the fall of 2017, Parsons found his way into radio and podcasting. His first podcast, “PODSKETBALL” is a show based around his love for basketball and mostly featured his own ramblings about the NBA. The podcast was picked up by a local Fox Sports radio affiliate and at its peak, featured 3 weekly segments. 


  In March 2018, he made his first step into becoming a full-time music and audio producer by joining the on-line freelance market Fiverr.com. All of the experience he gained from years of writing, recording, producing and edited made him the perfect candidate to succeed as a freelance artist. During his time on fiverr (and now upwork.com as well), he has written over 100+ podcast intros, produced and edited for 15+ podcasts, and worked with all sorts of unique clients. He’s ghost produced a 27 song tribute album, gathered 100s of tennis player grunts for an AI to identify, impersonated NBA players for a Philippines travel agency, produced soundalike songs for a body-positive YouTube channel, and many other unique and interesting projects. No project is too strange or complicated. There is a good chance that he’s already done it.